New Beginnigs


Are you yearning for a fresh start? Unsure of your next steps or which path to pursue?

Feeling adrift or uncertain about your future endeavors, or perhaps feeling stuck in your current situation? Or simply curious about learning more about yourself and at a deeper level?

Rest assured, you're not alone!

We find ourselves amidst a profound evolutionary cycle, and many of us are experiencing this sense of uncertainty. This sentiment is prevalent even among those who have dedicated years to personal growth, spirituality, or alternative practices. We are all concerned.

So, what's the next step? If you're curious to explore, we invite you to join us for a uniquely transformative journey into new beginnings.

At Calpulli, the school of life, we harness the lessons of the past to shape our future. We transcend outdated beliefs and behaviors, embracing the common good and timeless traditions, transcending borders. Your unique potential is crucial in co-creating the necessary transformations ahead. However, spirituality alone is insufficient; we must integrate the material and spiritual realms, a balance that Caty embodies effortlessly.

Caty Mari has devoted her entire life to this pivotal moment, and encountering her will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on your journey, just as it did for me a decade ago. Yet, personal growth is an ongoing process, and as we embark on this new adventure, I remain profoundly grateful for Caty's invaluable teachings and guidance, which continually illuminate my path.

It's challenging to articulate the profound impact of meeting Caty, as mere words fail to capture the depth of the experience. That's why it's essential to discern if this journey resonates with you on a deeper level.

So, regardless of where you find yourself or what you're currently engaged in, if you sense that it's time to embark on something new—perhaps something you've been preparing for your entire life—we eagerly await your presence!

The Calpulli boasts a close-knit "family" spread across Europe. While each school may possess unique characteristics shaped by its facilitator or the inherent power of its locale, we share a common objective: to refine our behavior and contribute to a better future in this new cycle. This endeavor demands courage, strength, and openness from each of us, as the magnitude of the task necessitates collective participation.

If you're eager to join us on this journey, here's a list of individuals to contact based on your location, along with forthcoming events (accessible via the respective linked websites):

Caty Mari - The visionary founder, teacher, and guiding force behind it all. With unparalleled expertise in human behavior and a profound understanding of our purpose in existence, Caty offers invaluable insights into navigating today's complex challenges. The term "Calpulli" represents the culmination of 30 years of research and work, adapting ancient traditions to meet the demands of this new evolutionary cycle. Meeting Caty is an absolute imperative for those ready to embark on the next 250 million years!

Several retreats to her stunning place in Spain are available through various people across Europe. Stephanie Remion, Lea Rudolfi, Daisy Schrai and Valeriane Vilim, to only name a few, are currently promoting departures from various countries.

Or you can contact one of the 3 current schools of Caty Mari;

Catherine Kalpers in Belgium offers a nurturing environment where you can learn, experience, and harness the power of traditions to transcend the challenges we all face today.

Nathalie Borgnana in France is preparing for the opening of her school in March 2025, yet is already operational and eager to welcome you to her tranquil Bressane farm. Here, you can discover the transformative potential of the drum and learn how it can help anchor you amidst life's most difficult challenges.

As for myself, Mona Stackelberg in Norway, I invite you to explore your roots—the essence of your being—in the land of the Vikings. Nestled in the heart of nature, amidst majestic woods, stands a historic house—an old school—that has long served as a gathering place for generations seeking knowledge. Today, its legacy continues in a new form.

Furthermore, numerous other individuals across Europe contribute to this collective "family." Their unwavering support and efforts are integral to this journey. While it's impossible to name them all, I trust they will recognize themselves and their invaluable contributions.

We are on the brink of a challenging period that will impact millions of people, placing significant strain on mental health. It's crucial to be prepared, not just for ourselves but also for those around us. 

We stand ready.