What more can I say than that none of my sessions of this kind have ever matched the one I experienced thanks to Mona… Indeed, I came with no particular intention and it was certainly there, by wanting nothing in particular, that I obtained, under her guidance, for the first time in my life, EVERYTHING! Mona is a subtly attentive soul, and during our discussion, she managed to lead me to the source of myself: I literally burst into tears: never had I cried so deeply from my gut and never had I heard my voice and such cries! My entire body, every cell, trembled during this magical session! I finally understood my first 40 years and what a magnificent gift for my future! If you are truly ready to take the step, Mona is, to this day, the only person I know who knew and knows how, with profound respect and immense understanding, with all gentleness, to show us the way. I can only recommend this excellent therapist, with all simplicity, with all effectiveness… with all Love...


Mona found me when I was going through one of the worst moments of my life. We were working in the same building for the same company but never had any professional interaction. When I was informed that she was available to listen and help, I doubted it..."Really? Nobody does that here..." In the professional world I was living in, people would destroy you just for the sake of it...values? What values? People didn't matter...they were instruments used with a purpose: power, money, lies... But then I was proved wrong, so wrong...thankfully. Mona listened and listened and was available to help, always, anytime, getting nothing in return...she was just doing it because she is an amazing human being, a good person, with a clean heart. The next step was she opened the doors of her house to me, introduced me to other good people, shared with me some of her wisdom...and all of that put me in the right frame of mind. It then became quite clear to me what I needed in life to get out of the hole I was in. And the change happened to me immediately after I cleared my thoughts...just like that, like magic! Mona is one of those people that make you believe in humankind. She is sun, light, peace.


What to describe & what to say… so intense, magical, and revealing… so frustrating, annoying, and infuriating… that is what I would say. To open yourself makes you embrace a whole new dimension of yourself, learn to accept the real and true you, and have a different vision of others and their reactions! Mona does help you through this journey that is so personal, so empowering, and yet so scary. Through different techniques that are just as amazing as the person herself. A true guide with a fascination for each human being. Oh dear, yes one can think one has understood things and can easily move on, but beware, Mona is there to make you dive deeper and deeper into you! And shake all those faulty beliefs. You will be shaken and you will unravel… and for the best! This is what Mona does! Every time you believe you are done… guess what you are not! We are like an onion, she told me, where you peel off layer after layer to get to the center… the true YOU! So be ready to work hard on yourself… as at the end of the day it is all down to you!! She is guiding you as long as you are willing to step into your journey!!.


Dear Mona, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and guidance during a difficult period. Your sincerity and kindness guided me. I became aware of my truths and was able to integrate them. It is an enormous liberation that allows me today to live more peacefully, act simply, and fulfill myself with confidence.