Here the human is the centerpiece

To feel wholeness, inner peace, and self-confidence

Listening to and guiding those who feel stuck in life is my strength. Through simple techniques and discussions, I help you see, feel, and understand where the blockages may lie. Through individual sessions or group work, we can figure out together which direction is best to take or which behaviors can be counterproductive for oneself instead of shooting you forward.

Of course, the Can Pal Point is the tool I use the most, as this memory point that we all carry provides us with the information we need to move forward on a calmer, simpler, and clearer life journey.

Individual Sessions - 800 NOK. I take the time needed for each individual, so this may extend beyond an hour, but it does not change the price.

Group Work - 2000 NOK. As a type of workshop over a weekend, I periodically offer group work, with or without specific themes, which is a powerful way to help each other. 

See information here for the next Group event. 

The price includes a 2-day workshop (from 10:00 to 18:00 each day) with lunch included.

We can use our intelligence to become conscious but if we can sense/feel it, it transforms. 

Real empathy is possible only if we've cleared up our own emotions.

Empathy is the ability to detect and acknowledge the feelings and thoughts of others.

Emotionally, empathy is about really feeling other people's emotions, be it fear, sadness, grief, or other emotional states.

Cognitively, empathy is about being able to mentally understand someone else's experience of a situation,.emotional or intuitive.

If we haven't cleared up our own emotions, we can often mistake this with empathy, because the feelings we think we acknowledge by others are actually just a mirror of our own emotions that haven't been processed yet. We all have some baggage that we carry emotionally, therefore it is important to start with oneself first.

This way, we can really put ourselves in other people's shoes and help in the right way when someone needs it.

If, on the other hand, we don't process our own emotions first, we can become intolerant and harsh towards others as these "mirror effects" only remind us of what we've repressed and don't want to feel again.

Today, we need more sincere and pure empathy to move on beond this mirror effects.

The individuality experienced is partly to blame for these deficiencies in empathy and that originate from what we refuse to feel again within ourselves.

This doesn't just apply to emotions like grief, sadness, and horror. But also those that remind us of war, torture and violence that we also carry through the physical genetic memories of our ancestors. And which the cognitive cannot possibly understand as this is located at the cellular level and not at a neurological level.

Our nervous system functions as a reaction pattern based on what our cells inform them about and not the other way around.The nervous system is a generic term for all nerve tissue in the body. The nervous system controls the body's behaviour by controlling the muscles and glands (effector organs), as well as receiving and conducting impulses from the environment through the sensory organs, which are located at a cellular level. 

When we talk about compressed impulse energies this is what we mean, if we do nothing with this impulse energy at the cellular level, the nervous system does not get the correct information we need to function in a harmonious, healthy and balanced way.If we want a profound change today, it is in the roots of our actions on an individual level that something must change.

We are all intelligent and although there are many types of intelligence, it is our type of intelligence that separates us humans from plants and animals. We humans have an intelligence that is based on what we call "Ego" and which means that we have an extra capacity that animals

and plants do not have, to include ourselves in a situation.  

Since we do not understand humans anymore, we need animals to feel love and closeness. 

It would be better to simply understand eachother