The Can Pal Point

The Can Pal Point

The Can-Pal point, is an energetic and memorial center located within the human body, specifically on the pubic bone. It represents an ancestral memory that has recorded the evolution of life and matter since its origins, such as the creation of the universe with the Big Bang, to the current human existence.

One of the main characteristics of the Can Pal point is its ability to provide instant inner calm. When focusing on this point, it acts as a center of attention, eliminating noise and distractions, and offering a soothing inner silence. This peace of mind allows for better decision-making, clarity of thought, and inner harmony.

During conception, the nuclei of the ovule and spermatozoon fuse to form the first cell, which contains all genetic information as well as all memories of the evolution of life and matter since life has existed in the universe, since the creation of the first atom.

Therefore, the Can-Pal point is the precise location where the first cell was created, which then shaped the physical body. It is the gateway to allow the mind to understand human needs.

In conclusion, the Can-Pal point is much more than just an energy point. It is a gateway to a deep understanding of the history of life, a guide for a harmonious and balanced life.

We owe the discovery that the precise location where our existence began to take shape contains not only our genetic heritage but also the memory of the physical evolution of life from the creation of the universe to today, to Catalina Marí Cardona, better known as Caty Marí.

The Can Pal Point, is today's «tool» for a better future.

When the spiritual mind connects to this physical point, which is the Can-Pal point, a perfect balance is instantly created since the mind becomes aware of the person's physical needs.

Being connected to one's Can-Pal Point brings inner calm, balance, it brings awareness, facilitating balanced and enlightened decisions.

Connecting to this point helps release shocks and traumas recorded in our cells. These shocks are described as experiences or traumatic events that we have experienced throughout our material and human evolution.

Thus, anchoring the mind to the Can-Pal Point allows connection to ancestral memories and enables understanding of real evolution.

Furthermore, the Can Pal point serves as a crossroads for different levels of consciousness. It allows for a synthesis of various perspectives, whether mental, emotional, or spiritual, thus facilitating balanced and enlightened decision-making. When used in a group setting, it creates collective harmony, fostering fluid and authentic exchanges among individuals.

In addition, the Can Pal Point is also a source of valuable information. Thanks to its ancestral memory, it offers insights into the evolution of life on Earth, thus aiding in problem-solving and self-understanding.

More broadly, the Can-Pal Point could be described as a planetary and cosmic intelligence that remembers all past matter, life, evolution, and intelligence. It is responsible for guiding all changes in evolution and, consequently, in DNA.

The Can-Pal point guides both individually and collectively, based on its understanding of the behavior it perceives.

The memory of our first cell would be on a very small scale, equal to a mono or multicellular system of a very advanced intelligence, capable of guiding a global future based on the memory of past and present events.

It acts in complete cycles of about 250,000,000 years.

It will always tell us what needs to be corrected from the past and how to shape the future from a multidimensional communication base.

Caty Marí 2023

How does it work in theory? (as in practice this depends on you!)

And you? Do you want to open the door to these memories?