Caty Mari

An Exceptional Woman

Some people are outstanding. Some because they have done great things and have become world famous throughout history such as Ghandi and his role in India's struggle for independence. Some because they have become strongly involved as an advocate for world peace with an emphasis on the individual's right to a dignified life like the Dalai Lama. Someone who has founded important human activities and who has been celebrated for what they have done like Mother Theresa. Others have researched and tested methods that have later been recognized as important foundations for a later base in medical psychology or philosophy such as K.C. Jung and Freud. 

What is generally common to all these examples is that it has taken time for these iconic figures to become known. This has not happened overnight nor without perseverance or belief that what they were doing was right. 

Caty is one of these, but as we humans are sceptic and need proof, she is only at the beginning of this journey to enter history. As all mentioned above, the time has proved that they have really changed the human dignity. 

Caty is behind many important contribution in this constant moving and evolving world we live in but is also humble enough to relate to her mission and not waste time being in the limelight. It is not only in the human dimension that she has worked wonders, but also globally and on a universal scale, which is now beginning to give results in our materialistic world. In other words, we are now starting to see concrete results of the incredible work she has done over the past 30 years, and this school is an example. 

30 years sounds like a lot, but if we take the examples mentioned above, we see that it has taken more time than this, if not a lifetime, before they were recognized for what they have done. 

Since the Can Pal Point is not a method or another technique that can be learned in books, we must use time and concrete testimonies from those who have been through it to be able to prove that this is an important element in the human and material evolution. 

Caty's 3 fundamental elements and the foundation of her teaching;

The Memory, the Will and the Load (charge).

What is a memory?

There are two types of memories, one in the brain, which we can call the spiritual memories, and one in the lower abdomen, which we call material memories. In both, there are memories of facts that sometimes don't add up.

What is the will?

The will is an impulse energy. If this is compressed for not having been able to express itself correctly, this can lead to frustration, anxiety and anger, but if this is not compressed, new ideas arise in which seemingly closed projects or personal statements can be conducted.

What is the Load (charge)?

A force of realization and at the same time the memory of the shock of not having been able to carry out the impulse energy. If this impuls energy is compressed, it pushes us to do new things, over and over again, but if the strain energy is pure, this energy will be the "tool" to complete projects and ideas.

Towards a better world together

Caty Mari