Special Visits

On a regular basis we receive visits from different people and Traditions. 

Since this school is based on the ancient CALPULLI life style, it is quite natural to receive visits from other parts of the world and different traditions as well. 

We can learn how other traditions work while they can learn from us here in the North.

CATY MARI - The "bridge" between pre-Hispanic traditions and Europe

CATY MARI is the founder of all the different visits in Europe as she is the one who has met and "seen" the real capacities of those who come to visit. For her, it is vital that we learn about each other and especially that we manage to function together, adapt traditions to today's needs, and that we can co-exist together in peace, harmony, and together in the right way.

From Saturday, January 20th to Thursday, January 25th (or just the weekend of the 20th/21st), she is also coming to Norway to share her incredible journey and knowledge with us during a retreat "a la Caty" as only she can master. 

This is truly a meeting not to be missed and there is an enormous amount to learn here.


This year we had a visit from the Medicine Woman Rocio Saltillo Esquivel and her son Enrique Louis

A true love story that will repeat itself every year when she fell as much in love with Norway as we in her and Enrique!

What a humility and strength at the same time and it was amazing to learn from her wisdom and knowledge within the Aztec traditions and the colorful and powerful Conchera dances. Join us next time because this is something not to miss!

Her Healing had great success and the results without words.

Can't wait to have them back!


Last year we had a visit from Adrian Xopan who brought with him the Mayan traditions and what living with flow is like and how important it is to be aware of nature and the little things iaround us n life. 

He also held a conference on what is about to happen in Mexico with the great and ancient World Heritage of the Mayan Monuments where the government will build a new railway for tourists to get around more easily.

An exceptional visit that we look forward to repeat in 2024 when he plans to come back.


Both Adrian and Rocio each kept their own sweat huts or "Temazcal" as it is called in this part of the world, when they were here, and will do so again on their next visit.

I also offer a sweat lodge ceremony during each change of season or in regards to special events and requests. I also enjoy holding full moon ceremonies in the sweat lodge as the moon has a direct influence on us and our natural cycle.

This is available to everyone as long as health permits.

This is available to everyone as long as health permits.

This type of ceremony or ritual is used to cleanse the body, soul and mind in order to come out as a "new person"

Rocio, who is also a midwife, helps women give birth in the Temazcal..

To make life flow