A new journey begins

Liberation, peace, union

An "Ecole de vie, Caty Mari" without Caty Mari is surely not an "Ecole de vie"! It is therefore clear that Caty comes to the school on a regular basis.

Teaching " a la Caty" in 2024

Workshops with Caty are indescribable and has to be experienced!

We call this a truly special teaching because here you not only gain knowledge from her incredible science, but also a deeper understanding of life in general. While we learn something new, we also gain insight into ourselves, what goes on at deeper levels, other dimensions of consciousness, and a very down-to-earth explanation of how this affects our steps in everyday life. And that in all areas, be it professional, family, personal, relationships, etc.

It's a special meeting, that's for sure. Caty has changed the lives of many and has helped thousands of people move on where other professionals had given up or couldn't find solutions, both Psychologically and physically!

Her very special way of working makes it clear to those who meet her that there are solutions to most things through concrete, simple and sometimes slightly more challenging steps in everyday life to get over the hump, but nothing is impossible!

She also has this ability to get to the root of things and that sometimes we had no idea could be the cause , as she transcends all boundaries of what the mind can understand.

There are 3 dates to keep in mind for 2024

  • Saturday 20th January to Thursday 25th January (or only the weekend 20/21)
  • Saturday 12th April to Thursday 19th April (or only weekend 12/13)
  • Saturday 6th september to Thursday 13th September (or only weekend 6/7)

You have the option to join all week or just over the weekend if the whole week is not possible for you.

Of course, the week is recommended because then it is also included a more physical way of working that only she has the secret of. While, on the other hand, the weekend is set up for more group work inside.

In both cases, you will not leave without remembering this meeting, that I can guarantee you in advance!

If you want a meeting with yourself, a meeting with Caty can help