What is a CALPULLI

School of life

It was a fundamental unit in the organization of pre-Hispanic society in Mexico.

It consisted of a large house or neighborhood that functioned in a self-sufficient way and with a specialization of work or functions out of the ordinary.

The concept of family in a Calpulli is friends, relatives or people who get along well with each other.

Each Calpulli had its own social identity, but that didn't stop the Calpulli from standing together or communicating with each other in a good way.

The members of a Calpulli place their skills at the disposal of the common good and to provide support or assistance to those in need.

They worked for a Calpulli and at the same time for the rest of the community.

The Calpulli have their origins in the culture of the Aztecs, or rather the Nahuas, which originated from a group of indigenous peoples who came from the mythical Atzlán, in northern Mexico.

With the establishment of this migration movement, we came to the founding of Tenochtitlan, Mexico, Mexica and the formation of the Aztecs

The 3 pillars 

1) Mastery, which in a simple way means "master our own soul" 

2) Respect for others in mind and action – This involves first seeing or understanding correctly who we are and where our own competencies originally lie, then being able to see and understand who the others really are and can. With this understanding in the right place, life becomes easier and the pressure to "become something" or the feeling of inadequacy or "being or doing enough" disappears. 

3) Humility – If we realize our real weaknesses

We live in a world that is in a constant evolution and we as individuals have evolved so much!

The intelligence as we know it today has in many ways exploded and that's basically just fine, but if we don't use it in the right way, or for personal benefit, the whole point of evolution is wasted.

Here we go from intelligence to awareness to learn and live better together.

The solution lies in the collective!

We all have competencies that can benefit others.

And others may have competencies that can be of use to us.

 Loneliness is the biggest reason for an unhealthy psyche today