Life and nature gives us endless ressources

I'm Mona. I knew nothing about the world, nor was I very good at school, but I was eager for knowledge. I wanted to learn from life. I knew it would be a better school than any other school. I made the natural choice to go to work as an au pair abroad, and then I started studies in tourism. I wanted to travel, meet people from different countries and cultures. I knew that this was how I would learn the most and that I could become the woman I wanted to be for myself.

After my studies, I worked in an airline as a ground staff. To be the link between the passengers, crew, pilots and mechanics. Find solutions to the challenges that arose. Flight Cancelled? I was the one who reassured the passengers, tried to understand their needs and personality, and thus found the right words and actions to satisfy them. I loved the diversity. I loved having to react quickly. I loved finding solutions. I loved being in contact with dozens of people from different backgrounds and fields.

After choosing to care for my own children, I returned to the workforce by using my natural skills to help others. As a translator from French to Norwegian, my friends started contacting me more often to help them decorate their homes. And my suggestions excited them. Convinced that the inside of a home represents our inner world, I believe that my job appeals to them because I manage to differentiate their personality and reflect it in the material through custom decoration. At the same time, I do a lot of volunteer work in connection with events in the village where I lived in Switzerland. In contact with many different people, I enjoy group work to achieve a result that unites.

Over the next 20 years, I work for several companies as a receptionist, personal assistant, executive assistant or office manager. I find myself again in a role where I become "the go to person" for advice: managers, employees, the HR department. I'm like a bridge between the different needs of all these people. Stimulated by the variety of tasks, my priority is always to understand and cater to everyone's needs, without forgetting the company's common goals. I'm being attributed quite special abilities for this role, and I'm given more and more responsibility. I am asked to participate in recruitment processes, because only through a conversation am I able to identify strengths and abilities in people and see if they fit into the existing teams. They ask me how I do it. I don't know it myself.

But this path continues when an external player, Lumina, discovers me during a personal development day I arranged for the teams and offers to pay for my training to become a Lumina consultant. Lumina is a personal development tool that helps groups work better together by identifying personality profiles. He says that I am a natural talent, that I do this instinctively.

The CEO of the bank where I am an assistant pushes me in this direction and sends me to lead group sessions with the bank's international leaders. The results are clear. The people I work with are able to position themselves better and understand where their behavior could have been problematic. They manage to identify the source of the conflict. The misunderstandings in the teams are resolved.

While I have always been surrounded by people who came to me because they thought I always gave good advice, for me this is the materialization and legitimization of a natural ability I have felt for all time. I understand during these years that this innate ability to read people must be linked to elements we don't see. I understand that there is an invisible world that works with energy and I take extra courses in reiki, magnetism, and animal communication. The meeting with Caty Mari is crucial in this journey and in the deep understanding on how energies work.

I finally see my own strengths and abilities, and I fully throw myself in as a full-time therapist or life consultant.

Without including my childhood and youth, one could say that I have served as a casual life consultant for 35 years in the different environments where I have worked. It's now been over 10 years since I started as a full-time life consultant and therapist, and considering my journey, I feel a connection and deep joy at finally being in the right place.

Life is a gift but sometimes the road to understand that can be long